Water and

Forests and


Water and

Forests and


For the sake of the next generation,
and in order to create a sustainable society,
we should take some time to think about problems facing our water and forests

1. Forests help produce our water

Even if rain falls, we can't immediately make use of this water for our everyday needs. Forests store this water temporarily in the dirt. Some is evaporated from trees during photosynthesis, and the rest comes forth as spring water, where it moves forth to flow into rivers. This important function is why forests are sometimes called "green dams".

2. 40% of Japan's forests are man-made

40% of Japan's forests are man-made forests planted after the war to help revive the functionality of Japan's forests, but with a decline in the forestry industry, they've been left without being maintained. Unlike a natural forest, when a man-made forest is left alone, the natural cycle of life stops moving, which can also lead to landslides.

3. Green Desertification

While man-made forests which aren't properly maintained may appear to be great forests, the soil and undergrowth fail to thrive, which brings an end to the water retention and purification powers of the forest, rendering it no different from a bare hill. Even if they appear to be lush forests full of greenery, they are actually unhealthy forests, which is why they are sometimes called green deserts.

4. Buying trees helps to preserve forests.

The simplest method for helping right now is to buy more products made from wood produced domestically in Japan. If there’s a demand for trees, trees from unhealthy forests will be harvested, allowing light to pierce through, turning it into a healthy man-made forest which can receive rain.

Wooden straws made from forests which create water

The development of Kinostraw (wooden straws) began with the worldwide movement away from plastic. Using trees from within Japan helps not only to bring life to the forestry industry, but also promotes appropriate forest management, and leads to the protection of forests and the water stored within them.

Kino Straw is a straw alternative which is kind to the environment, following along with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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